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Monica Schulz is our team director. Her story: I experienced a powerful conversion to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church the summer before my junior year of high school, and that encounter with Jesus has been the major turning point in my life. However, as I began college at Texas A&M University, I set my energies on pursuing my career goals of equine veterinary medicine, and those blinders I put on myself effectively blocked out God’s will from my mind and heart. I was not living a heroically Christian life. Then spring break 2013, I went to Honduras for a mission trip and I met people with authentic joy, love, and generosity, yet they had none of the stuff I take for granted in the United States. I was convicted by how these Hondurans lives were totally dictated by their Catholic faith, and Jesus Christ, and I wanted that. I came home asking myself, “What am I doing with my life?” Doing full-time mission work after college had always been on my heart, but I never considered it because it would interfere with my plans. Nonetheless, once I allowed The Lord to touch that missionary desire and bring it to fruition, I now couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life!