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Her story: As I began college, my faith life consisted of knowing a lot about Christ and His Church, but distancing myself from knowing Him.  It all began to change after an invitation – an invitation from a friend to join her in praying the Psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours.  After encountering something different and beautiful in this prayer of the Church, I wondered what all had I been missing.  This led me to start asking the hard questions and finding reasons behind all that I had been taught to believe, to test out my faith for myself.  As amazing friendships with the students and missionaries I was praying with formed, I found the truth that I had been searching for as they totally lived out their faith with joy.  Engaging in the activities at our Catholic student center, I came to deeply know Jesus and His life-changing love for me and I fell in love with Him!  Amidst all the voices of this world, I encountered the love I was made for and that brought so much joy, peace, and freedom.  I want to be that for others, one more voice to make an invitation to know Christ, so that women know love that transforms everything!